Who We Are

TropicalGlen.com / Playa Cofi Jukebox, LLC

Playa Cofi is a beautiful beach and a tropical glen on the small Caribbean Island of Vieques. It is located between the US Virgin Islands and the "Big Island" of Puerto Rico.

Our music collection was started as a hobby to fill some of the quiet retirement hours. The selections were pulled together from a variety of sources over a number of years. Then they were arranged to provide the most listening pleasure for a few of us in a given age group. Along the way we learned how to compress the music files and how to place them in playlists on an open website to share our musical heritage more widely. We have been scrambling to keep up with demand ever since.

We have obtained the required internet licenses for all of the music. For the song writers and composers through Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), ASCAP, and SESAC; and for the performing artists - we use the provisions of the statutory license with royalty payments through SoundExchange, Inc. We report on the number of plays of the songs each quarter to each organization and pay fees to each - based on those plays - which the agencies then distribute to the interested parties.

We have worked with the archivist at Cashbox Magazine to ensure that we have the original release 45rpm or single version of each popular music song from 1956 to 1979. We try to keep the music fresh by adding a new features and new genre when we can.

We use commercial web hosting because computer equipment does not last long in our tropical environment, and because, in our location, we lack access to the truly high speed internet connection needed for the streaming audio files we use.

Contributions from users help us pay for the music licensing and for the web hosting required. We also get some funding from Google Advertisements.

So enjoy the music - contribute if you can - and remember that it pleases us to know that our small efforts are pleasing you.


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