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Oldies Tune Challenge

..........................................Test Your Musical Memory

Welcome to the Name the Oldies Game

We have hundreds of 1950 to 1989 hit songs to identify

You can start the game now by signing in on the next page with:
Username: "guest" Password: "oldies"

You will be notified whether your responses to each Song Title
and Performing Artist attempted are correct or not.
However, the status of your answers to those songs will not be saved.

If you would like to keep track of all of your answers over time
and over multiple sessions, you will need to Register by
entering your unique Username, Email and Password

(these are used only to separate your answers from those of other players)

Register or Sign In now

Game Synopsis

After Signing In, you will select the Level of Difficulty you want to attempt.

The next page allows you to choose the Year of the Mystery Tunes you wish to attempt to Identify.

The following page shows a list of Mystery Tunes available for the selected Year, and Level of Difficulty.

Once a Mystery Tune is selected from the list, a short clip of the song is made available to listen to over and over. Then the Player can choose the appropriate Song Title, and the Performing Artist or Group from the multiple-choice pull downs. The Player is immediately notified whether the choices are Correct or Wrong.

On returning to the Selected Level and Year Display List of songs, the Player's results are shown tune by tune, and the Player can click on another one to identify.

The game continues until all of the songs are identified. This can be done in many sessions - over time.

The Player's results for the songs in each year are displayed and recorded for the Player's future reference.

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