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Mystery Tune Challenge

.............................Welcome to the Challenge

The First Player to ID This Day's

Three Mystery Tunes



Challenge Instructions

This game is simple. One by one, you need to select the each of the three songs listed at the right.

Listen to each of the Song Snippet Clues and identify each by Song Title and Performing Artist or Group.

Then send us an Email in the following format:

Your Username or ID:
(16 characters maximum for us to post for the Winner)

Song 1: Title - Performing Artist or Group

Song 2: Title - Performing Artist or Group

Song 3: Title - Performing Artist or Group

Your entry will be as of the date and time your email was received.

Check the status of your entry:

If there is a winner, the ID and song data will be posted the same day or the next at latest with the actual song titles and artists.

The reward for winning the Challenge is that the Winner's ID will remain posted for all to see.

And then we will start the next Challenge.

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