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Hard Woman Blues

Contemporary Blues of the Era

A Fool In Love - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
A Woman Left Lonely - Irma Thomas
All At Once - Bonnie Raitt
All I Know Is the Way I Feel - Irma Thomas
Always Love You - Angela Strehli
Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt
Another Lonely Heart - Irma Thomas
Another Man Done Gone - Irma Thomas
Another Man's Woman - Marcia Ball
Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) - Irma Thomas
Anything You Want...You Got It - Bonnie Raitt
Baby I Love You - Bonnie Raitt & BB King
Baby Why Not - Marcia Ball
Bad Thing - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Big Shot - Marcia Ball
Big Talk - Irma Thomas
Big Town Playboy - Angela Strehli
Black Velvet - Alannah Myles
Blue Highway - Angela Strehli
Blue House - Marcia Ball
Blue In The Heart - Irma Thomas
Brand New Lover - Lou Ann Barton
Breakaway - Irma Thomas
But I Forgive You - Sue Foley
C.O.D. [Live] - Angela Strehli
Camaro Girls - Lou Ann Barton
Can't Believe You Want To Leave - Lou Ann Barton
Can't Stop These Teardrops - Angela Strehli
Can't You Hear It In My Tears - Irma Thomas
Chains Of Love - Irma Thomas
Crawfishin' - Marcia Ball
Cry On - Irma Thomas
Cuban Getaway - Sue Foley
Daddy Said - Marcia Ball
Dance All Night - Marcia Ball
Dance With Me - Marcia Ball
Darlin' - Bonnie Raitt
Don't Make Me Stop Now - Irma Thomas
Don't Mess With My Man - Irma Thomas
Down South In New Orleans - Lou Ann Barton
Down The Road - Marcia Ball
Dr. Feelgood - Irma Thomas
Dreams Come True - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Every Little Thing - Lou Ann Barton
Every Night Of The Week - Lou Ann Barton
Feels Like Home - Bonnie Raitt & Randy Newman
Find Another Fool - Marcia Ball
Finest Lovin' Man - Bonnie Raitt
Finger Poppin' Time - Lou Ann Barton
Fingernails - Marcia Ball
Flowers - Irma Thomas
Foreclose On The House Of Love - Marcia Ball
Full-Time Lover - Ann Peebles & Little Jimmy King
Getting Over You - Bonnie Raitt & Willie Nelson
Give It Up (Give In) - Marcia Ball
Give It Up Or Let Me Go - Bonnie Raitt
Go On - Angela Strehli
Going To That City - Angela Strehli
Gonna Make It - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Good Lover - Lou Ann Barton
Good Rockin' Daddy - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Good To Me - Irma Thomas
Gotta Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day) - Angela Strehli
Have A Heart - Bonnie Raitt
He's Mine - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
He's My Guy - Irma Thomas
Headed South - Angela Strehli
Heart Full Of Rain - Irma Thomas
Heart To Heart - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
Hello My Lover - Angela Strehli
High Time We Went - Lou Ann Barton
Hittin' On Nothin' - Irma Thomas
Hold Me While I Cry - Irma Thomas
How Big A Fool - Marcia Ball
How You Carry On - Marcia Ball
Hurricane On China Lake - Marcia Ball
Hurtback - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
I Can't Help You Now - Bonnie Raitt
I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt
I Count the Teardrops - Irma Thomas
I Count The Tears - Irma Thomas
I Do - Irma Thomas
I Don't Know Why - Angela Strehli
I Don't Want No Man - Irma Thomas
I Done Got Over It - Irma Thomas
I Feel So Good - Tracy Nelson
I Haven't Got Time To Cry - Irma Thomas
I Idolize You - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
I Need Love - Bonnie Raitt
I Need Your Love So Bad - Irma Thomas
I Needed Somebody - Irma Thomas
I Never Fool Nobody But Me - Irma Thomas
I Sho Do - Bonnie Raitt
I Want To Do Everything For You - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
I Will Not Be Broken - Bonnie Raitt
I Will Not Be Denied - Bonnie Raitt
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free - Irma Thomas
I Won't Cry For You - Irma Thomas
I Wonder Why - Lou Ann Barton
I Would Rather Go Blind - Irma Thomas
I'll Be Satisfied - Irma Thomas
I'll Change That Too - Lou Ann Barton & Rockola
I'll Stand By You - Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders
I'm A Good Woman - Barbara Lynn
I'm Coming Down With The Blues - Marcia Ball
I'm Gonna Cry 'Til My Tears Run Dry - Irma Thomas
I'm Gonna Forget About You - Marcia Ball
I'm In The Mood - Bonnie Raitt & John Lee Hooker
I'm Just A Prisoner - Marcia Ball
I'm Just Your Fool - Angela Strehli
I'm Old Enough - Lou Ann Barton
I'm Your Puppet - Irma Thomas
I've Been Loving You Too Long - Irma Thomas
If I Know You - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
If This Is Love - Marcia Ball
If You Knew How Much - Irma Thomas
If You Want It, Come And Get It - Irma Thomas
In Tears - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
In The Middle Of It All - Irma Thomas
In The Middle Of The Night - Lou Ann Barton
Irma's Song - Irma Thomas
It Ain't Right - Lou Ann Barton
It Hurts To Be In Love - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
It's A Man's Woman's World - Irma Thomas
It's Raining - Irma Thomas
It's Raining - Lou Ann Barton
It's Starting To Get To Me Now - Irma Thomas
Jailbird - Marcia Ball
Keep It Simple - Irma Thomas
La Ti Da - Marcia Ball
Let Me Play With Your Poodle - Marcia Ball
Let The Tears Roll Down - Marcia Ball
Let's Have A Party - Lou Ann Barton
Life At The End Of The Road - Irma Thomas
Long After The Night Is All Over - Irma Thomas
Longing In Their Hearts - Bonnie Raitt
Lord, Don't Move The Mountain - Angela Strehli
Louella - Marcia Ball
Louisiana 1927 - Marcia Ball
Love Don't Change - Irma Thomas
Love Maker - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
Love Me - Marcia Ball
Love Me Like A Man - Bonnie Raitt
Love Of My Man - Irma Thomas
Love, Sweet Love - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Made Your Move Too Soon - Marcia Ball
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor - Irma Thomas
Mama's Cooking - Marcia Ball
Maybe - Lou Ann Barton
Mean Mean Man - Lou Ann Barton
Mobile - Marcia Ball
Moments To Remember - Irma Thomas
My Baby's Gone - Lou Ann Barton
My Heart's In Memphis - Irma Thomas
My Mind's Made Up - Marcia Ball
Neighbor, Neighbor - Angela Strehli
Never Like This Before - Angela Strehli
No Gettin' Over You - Bonnie Raitt
No WayTo Treat A Lady - Bonnie Raitt
Nobody Wants To Hear Nobody's Troubles - Irma Thomas
Nobody's Girl - Bonnie Raitt
Not Enough Time To Change - Irma Thomas
Old Records - Irma Thomas
One Good Man - Lou Ann Barton
One Good Reason - Lou Ann Barton
One Of A Kind - Marcia Ball
People Will Be People - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
Pink Bedroom - Lou Ann Barton
Please No More - Irma Thomas
Queen Bee - Sue Foley
Quittin' Time - Lou Ann Barton
Red Beans - Marcia Ball
Red Hot - Marcia Ball
Richest One - Toni Price
Rocket In My Pocket - Lou Ann Barton
Ruler Of My Heart - Irma Thomas
Runaway - Bonnie Raitt
Say It's Not So - Angela Strehli
Scene Of The Crime - Marcia Ball
Security - Irma Thomas
Sexy Ways - Lou Ann Barton
Shake A Hand - Lou Ann Barton
Shake A Leg - Marcia Ball
Shake Your Hips - Lou Ann Barton
Shelter In The Rain - Irma Thomas
Shouldn't I Love Him - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
Since You Been Gone - Rory Block
Sing It! - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
Slipped, Tripped And Fell In Love - Angela Strehli
Smoke Filled Room - Irma Thomas
Snake Dance - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
So Many Rivers To Cross - Marcia Ball
Somebody To Love - Marcia Ball
Something To Talk About - Bonnie Raitt
Something's Got A Hold On Me - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough - Bonnie Raitt
Sorry Wrong Number - Irma Thomas
Soul Of A Man - Irma Thomas
Soul On Fire - Marcia Ball
Soulful Dress - Marcia Ball
Sparkle Paradise - Marcia Ball
Speechless - Lou Ann Barton
Spit Of Love - Bonnie Raitt
SRV - Angela Strehli
St. Gabriel - Marcia Ball
Stone Survivor - Irma Thomas
Stop These Teardrops - Lou Ann Barton
Straight From The Heart - Irma Thomas
Sugar Coated Love - Lou Ann Barton
Summertime - Bonnie Raitt
Sweet Touch Of Love - Irma Thomas
Take A Look - Irma Thomas
Tangled And Dark - Bonnie Raitt
Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu - Lou Ann Barton
Tear Me Apart - Lou Ann Barton
Tears In The Night - Lou Ann Barton
That's Enough Of That Stuff - Marcia Ball
That's What I Get - Marcia Ball
That's Why I Love You - Marcia Ball
The Dimming Of The Day - Bonnie Raitt
The Doodle Song - Lou Ann Barton
The Facts Of Life - Marcia Ball
The Hurt's All Gone - Irma Thomas
The Joke Is On You - Irma Thomas
The New Rules - Irma Thomas
The Power Of Love - Marcia Ball
The Storm - Marcia Ball
The Story Of My Life - Irma Thomas
The Story Of My Life - Marcia Ball
The Sudden Stop - Lou Ann Barton
The Sun Is Shining - Angela Strehli
These Four Walls - Irma Thomas
These Honey Dos - Irma Thomas
Thibodaux, Louisiana - Marcia Ball
Thing Called Love - Bonnie Raitt
Till I Can't Take It Anymore - Irma Thomas
Time Is On My Side - Irma Thomas
Times Have Changed - Irma Thomas
Tomorrow - Irma Thomas & Jimmy McCracklin
True Believer - Irma Thomas
Trying To Catch A Cab In The Rain - Irma Thomas
Turn The Lock On Love - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
Twelve Bar Blues - Toni Price
Two Bit Texas Town - Angela Strehli
Uh-Uh Baby - Marcia Ball
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um - Angela Strehli
What Are You Trying To Do - Irma Thomas
What's A Girl To Do - Marcia Ball
While The City Sleeps - Irma Thomas
Why Do I - Marcia Ball
Why Women Cry - Marcia Ball
Wish Someone Would Care - Irma Thomas
Woman On The Move - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
Wrappin' Up Your Love - Lavelle White
Yield Not to Temptation - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
You Can Have My Husband - Lou Ann Barton
You Can If You Think You Can - Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton, & Marcia Ball
You Can Think Twice - Irma Thomas
You Don't Know Nothin' About Love - Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, & Tracy Nelson
You Don't Love Me - Angela Strehli
You Got What It Takes - Michelle Willson & Sugar Ray Norcia
You'll Come Around - Marcia Ball
You'll Lose A Good Thing - Lou Ann Barton
You're The Dog - Irma Thomas
Young And Dumb - Lou Ann Barton
Yours Until Tomorrow - Irma Thomas
Zero Willpower - Irma Thomas
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